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About Me! Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Brittany - wife, mom of 2, and Holistic Health Coach. I dealt with horrible, daily fatigue for years and tried all the things to try to gain energy to make it through the days. And coffee did NOTHING to help. After spending a ton of time trying things that didn’t work, being told by my doctor that there’s nothing wrong with me physically and it’s “all in my head,” and becoming frustrated, I finally learned how to overcome my fatigue - through healing my metabolism.

In order to work, our metabolism needs NUTRIENTS. This pick-me-up drinks provides several nutrients needed to get our metabolism going and replenish nutrients that are lost during stress.

When I implemented them into my life I started to notice a difference in my energy very quickly! And now, I have plenty of energy to not just survive each day, but to THRIVE! I’m able to get through the days without slow-moving mornings and after-lunch slumps. This pick-me-up played a HUGE part in my healing journey, and I’m so excited to share it!

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