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About Me! Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Brittany - wife, mom of 2, organization-lover, and Holistic Health Coach. I dealt with daily fatigue for years, due largely to STRESS. As a recovering-perfectionist, trying to do all the things, and knock out way too many to-do's each day, I eventually got burnt out. After spending a ton of time trying things that didn’t work, being told by my doctor that there’s nothing wrong with me physically and it’s “all in my head,” and becoming frustrated, I finally learned how to overcome my fatigue - through healing my metabolism.

One big thing the metabolism needs to heal is rest and stress-management practices. Stress is a huge problem! So, in order to help keep the stress at bay, I follow my weekly cleaning schedule.

Focusing on just one or a few small cleaning tasks each day, instead of trying to do it all on Saturday, takes pressure off and allows for more down time and relaxation. Now that my stress is much better managed and I've incorporated other healthy habits and dietary changes, I'm feeling better than ever. Now, I have plenty of energy to not just survive each day, but to THRIVE!

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